Fame Preschool

Fame offers children all of the wonderful opportunities you'd expect of any high quality preschool, along with a unique focus on performing arts and creative fun.

Fame Preschool is all about.....


Amazing Staff

Qualified teachers with caring, friendly and nurturing natures. Our family of teachers have a sound knowledge of child development and a strong commitment to ongoing professional development.

Performing and Creative Arts

We offer performing arts as part of our daily programme to provide our children with an opportunity to express themselves creatively and physically, and develop confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives.

We frequently hear of our children starting school, and being happy to speak in front of the class, or even in front of assembly because this is a normal and familiar experience for them.

Every morning during the term time our teachers lead our music, drama and dance sessions for all ages. The groups have the opportunity to join in a variety of musical styles, and experiment with instruments, to develop skills, gain confidence and most of all have FUN!!!

At the end of every term children also have the opportunity to participate in our end of term productions, and our community of parents and extended families are encouraged to come and see the shows.

  • Dance offers our children a fantastic introduction to learn the basics of movement - skips, jumps, gallops etc, while using exciting props such as wands, scarf’s, swords to express their creativity and develop a sense of rhythm.
  • Music engages children by using a variety of instruments, music and props. They enjoy learning music and songs while working toward a piece for the end of term production.
  • Drama encourages children to engage their imaginations while building a firm foundation for performance, speaking in public and learning about how to have fun while working within a group to prepare a show

Teaching Programme

Our teachers provide a developmentally appropriate programme and an innovative curriculum, devised specifically for your child, in a stimulating and caring environment.

The centre is set up with fun activities for children to engage with that are designed to interest and excite them, while extending their learning through play. Interactions with teachers and other children also help them to understand and enjoy their environment.

Language Groups

All children will have the opportunity to participate in daily group sessions, where they will be introduced to a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. See our 3 & 4 Year Old page for more information about their programme.

Children’s Portfolios

Our Fame family of teachers put a lot of time and effort into creating beautiful and interesting individualised portfolios for each of our unique children. We keep these in folders in the centre, and also post them to Storypark where you can view them privately online and post comments. You will also be able to post your own stories too if you want to, and over time this builds a beautiful record of your little one's childhood.

Fame Preschool Community

We have a passion for developing a community feel within our centre. Providing fantastic opportunities for parents and children to socialise and make new friends at our Family Events such as – fish ‘n’chip nights, mum’s weekend away, cultural dinners, camping trips, our Christmas party and much more. Details of this year's events are on our Events Calendar.

Fame Preschool Philosophy

At Fame preschool it is our mission to provide a warm, stable environment for children where their social, emotional and educational needs are met.

We believe that nurturing/fostering children’s self confidence is the key foundation to developing competent individuals. Through our Performing Arts programme children will be affirmed and encouraged as creative individuals.

Community and whanaungatanga* is of the highest importance; we feel that through respectful, fun and reciprocal relationships between staff, children, parents/caregivers and whanau, we can teach children the importance of truly valuing others and in turn themselves.

We will stimulate growth, ideas and creativity in a caring and loving atmosphere where children are encouraged to think for themselves, in an inclusive environment without discrimination.

Children’s educational needs will be fostered through group planning, Individual Development Portfolios, and our closely monitored specialised language programmes. We recognize the need for children to learn firstly from their own points of interest, thus helping them to become passionate lifelong learners, while also encouraging children to actively involve themselves in some structured work and preparing them for their transition to school.

Management and Educators at Fame Preschool aim to help your child/ren realise their full potential to enjoy a successful future in our community.

*Whanaungatanga - relationship, kinship, sense of family connection

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